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Find a Private Bank

In less than 180 seconds
  1. Finding a Private Bank is both art and science.
  2. Simply answer 9 questions and we will shortlist the most suitable Private Banks for you
  3. No information is disclosed to 3rd party.  We value your privacy.
  4. Your response allow us to filter non-qualified guests, and to help you thereafter (with your explicit consent) – to get the Private Bank to contact you
  5. Do you know only 0.17% of world’s population qualify for Private Banking services?  Enjoy our exclusive service you need as we do the leg work for you.  Be our lifelong guests and discover the world of Private Banking at de’ Private Banks.

1. Do you have an existing Private Banking account?
 Yes No I am familiar with Private Banking

2. Are you closing your Private Banking account and transferring assets such as deposits, stocks & investments?

 Closing All Transferring Some By New Funding Still Thinking

* Closing Private Banking account may take a few months so you may want to plan early due to maturity of deposits, loans or investments. There will also be custodian transfer fees for securities and remittance fees for deposits.

3. Do you have a preferred Private Bank?
 Yes No

Or select a few
 JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs UBS, Credit Suisse Citi, HSBC Julius Baer, Pictet Hang Seng, Chong Hing Bank of Singapore, DBS ANZ, NAB Not too sure

By Private Bank Origin
 North Asia Private Banks South Asia Private Banks Australian Private Banks European Private Banks American Private Banks Not too sure

4. Do you have a Private Bank to exclude?
 Yes No

5. Which country do you prefer the Private Bank to be based in?

Your Preferred International Private Banking Center
 Switzerland Hong Kong Singapore Luxembourg Delaware Others

6. Your reason for finding a Private Bank
 Sale of Property Sale of Business Stock Options Company IPO Inheritance Diversify Private Bank Unhappy with existing Private Bank Fees & Pricing Access to More Products Complex Needs Family Issues Networking Prestige Privacy Others

 International Banking Investments Trading, Options, Futures Structured Investments Credit & Loans Stock Financing Real Estate Estate & Trust Philanthropy Others

7. Which Private Banker Profile would you prefer?
 New Junior Senior 25-34 35-45 45-54 55-65 65 onwards No Preference

 English Spanish Japanese French Italian Chinese (Mandarin) Chinese Dialect Arabic Hindi Malay

8. Are you familiar with Private Banking?
 Yes No Somewhat

9. Do you need the service urgently?
 Yes No Within 3 Months Just Checking

More Information

Expected Funding
 $1 - 3 Million $3 - 5 Million $5 - $20 Million $20 - $50 Million $50 - $500 Million Above $500 Million

Would you like to setup with 2 or more Private Banks?
 Yes No, Only 1

Your Name

Your Email

Your Contact

Job Title


Preferred Meeting Place with Private Bank, Private Banker, if required
 My Residence My Office Private Bank Cafe Hotel Luxury Club Private Island dPB Preferred Private Lounge dPB Preferred Private Corporate Office

Discover the world of Private Banking with de’ Private Banks

We will reply with a list of recommended Private Banks that would be suitable for you shortly. All information provided are classified. Your contact information will only be shared only upon your agreement for us to introduce the Private Bank or Private Banker to you, should you need us to.  The introduction service is free.

We would need you to provide more information if you are:

  • A Politically Exposed Person
  • Are engaged in Sensitive Trades such as Deforestation and Gambling
  • Coming from United Nations or European Union Sanction Nations
  • Having ongoing or prior lawsuits which are criminal in nature
  • Having ongoing or prior civil lawsuits or bankruptcy filings

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